Darfield Family Chiropractic is a family based spinal health care, located in the heart of Darfield. The clinic is conveniently opened from Monday to Saturday. 




Serve the people in Darfield and surrounding communities who are in need of spinal adjustments to re-gain and restore the health and function of your spine to the optimum level.


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Your spinal health is considered very important at Darfield Family Chiropractic. We do our absolute best  to look after your spinal health to the best possible way.



Welcome to Darfield Family Chiropractic - your local Darfield Chiropractor!

This is a warm, friendly and family based chiropractic clinic opened conveniently everyday except Sundays. At our clinic, we utilise numerous Chiropractic techniques to suit each individual patient, and am happy to discuss and utilise whatever technique makes my patients most comfortable. 

As you may know, chiropractic is a natural approach to health care suitable for anyone and everyone. At Darfield Family Chiropractic, our main focus is the spine and the nervous system that passes through it, and ensuring that it is able to communicate freely, allowing the healthy function of all your cells, tissues, organs and systems.

We all have stresses in our lives – from the commonly understood physical stressors, to the often forgotten chemical and emotional ones. When stored in your system, this can create tension in your spine and nervous system, disrupting the communication pathways that co-ordinate every movement, thought, feeling and bodily process. We call these disruptions subluxations.

As chiropractors, we are formally trained to locate, analyse and release subluxations through safe and gentle adjustments, restoring optimal function to your nervous system and YOU.  At Darfield Family Chiropractic, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the health benefits of a fully functioning nervous system, and hope to provide care that is accessible to all – we look forward to helping you achieve your health goals.


4 Broadmeadows Drive

Darfield. 7510

Ph: 03 - 318 7402

Mob: 021 105 4639

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