What is vertebral subluxation?

To briefly define and explain,  a vertebral subluxation is an area of altered spinal  motion, tension or misalignment that interferes with the flow of information and energy along spinal nerves and throughout your nervous system. These misalignments often go undetected because pain fibers are vastly outnumbered by motor and sensory nerves. And while no pain may be present, dysfunction often occurs as messages to and from the brain are distorted. 

Now, you might think that what really cause subluxations? Great thinking!

There are many things that can cause subluxation. However, main types of stress that we exposed to everyday life, causes subluxation are physical stress, mental and emotional stress and chemical stress.


Vertebral subluxation is one the most common and most unrecognised causes of nerve interference. 

Nerve Interference

We all know that the most important organ in the body is our BRAIN. The brain  and spinal cord (central nervous system) and peripheral nerves control and orchestrate every single function in your body. Yet, how much information we have in this regard or how our health is affected by its function?

in the last few years, I have experienced that people only think or notice about their nervous system once it causes noticeable symptoms. I also notice that stress or interference to the nervous system is very common occurrence as this is not surprising at all given the amount of stress we go though everyday.

So, what if this nerve interference is negatively affecting your health and life?


Chiropractic adjustments are gentle and precise methods Doctors of Chiropractic use to correct subluxations and improve the function of your spine and nervous system. 

Your body has an inborn wisdom that has the ability to heal itself once it get adjusted by chiropractors.

We use a wide range of different methods adapted to suit people of all ages and body types, from new born to elderly. The adjustment is very specific, effective and comfortable as possible.

Chiropractic is proven to be very effective for relieving symptoms such as back pain and neck pain. The benefits of regular chiropractic care is to help you be as healthy and vibrant as you can be, performing at your best and living life the fullest. So, why wait? contact us for more information to get you started for this amazing health journey. 

Your Family

We are a family based chiropractic clinic. We value and understand the importance of subluxation free spine. What is more important than having a stress free and healthier body? As briefly explained in the what is vertebral subluxation, we know that all that emotional, physical and chemical stress can be expressed by elderly and children. It is as equally important to check children as an adult get checked. 

It is my belief that if every parent understood how critical it is for their children to have a properly functioning nervous system and that chiropractic adjustments remove stress to that system, that no parent would ever dream of not having their children checked at birth and throughout life. 

You might think why does a child need to get adjusted? 

Not all children need to be adjusted. However, they all need to be checked. Extremely common spinal misalignments known as vertebral subluxations cause stress on the very system that controls and regulates all the development, function and potential of your children. The stress is often not noticeable. Other times it presents itself as decreased immune function, failure to thrive, asthma, or other conditions that are dependent upon the nervous system function.

So why guess?

Life is full of unknowns. The full potential of each and every child is a precious thing and what we all want for our children as parents. Making chiropractic a part of your lifestyle gives your family more of what you all deserve and desire.

At Darfield Family Chiropractic, we are here to help.