Brief Info about me.

Originally from Afghanistan,



I remember as a child watching in awe as my father a (Natural Healer) attended his patients.  My father, a man with no formal education had this amazing ability.  Instinctively, skilfully and self-taught, he knew how to realign broken limbs and misplaced joints. He generously offered his services for free.  His reputation was exemplary and he was highly sort after within the community and villages.


My father’s legacy is firmly planted in my mind as is the “dream to follow in his footsteps.”  We shared the fascination of the human body and the realisation and importance of looking after it properly.  This early impression has literally shaped the path I have chosen and the reason why I became a Chiropractor.


I came to New Zealand and completed my High School education in Christchurch.  Went on to Otago University to study Health Science including three years of Anatomy and Physiology.  Becoming a Chiropractor at the NZCC after completing my study in Auckland.

​ ​

14 years of studying here in New Zealand and 7 years prior to that, my passion and dream has always been to help people, naturally, like my father. Thus my choice of profession Chiropractic care.


I am a proud graduate of the prestigious New Zealand College of Chiropractic (NZCC) with a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science.


Since graduating and moving back to Christchurch, I have been working at both the City and Rolleston Inalign Health and Chiropractic centres.  The time has come to turn a dream into reality and open up my home based clinic in Darfield.

I utilise numerous Chiropractic techniques to suit each individual patient, and am always happy to discuss and utilise whatever technique makes my patients most comfortable.


I practice what I preach and use Chiropractic care myself and believe that is the primary reason for my own continued health and wellness.


In my spare time I love reading books, playing volleyball and spending time with my family and friends. I very much look forward to meeting you soon.



Best of Health,

Dr Mehdi Azimi