• Mehdi Azimi

Have you checked your child's posture lately?

Updated: May 18, 2018

Poor posture at any age can be very detrimental to the over all health. However, it is much worse when your child has bad posture. We live in a world where technology is vastly accessible for children and it is not helping them in some ways. One of the disadvantage of using some of the technologies like phones and tablets all the time is where children always look down, creating a change or stressing the spine significantly. As a result, the child will suffer poor posture long term, affecting their health and wellness's overall.

Some of the things you can do and check is that your child carry his/her school bag on both shoulders (not too heavy - depending on the age). Making sure, your child sit straight with the tablet/phone/computer directly in front of them. When using one of these devices, it is recommended to have frequent brakes.

If you are interested more in how your child's posture could be better, then come and see us at Darfield Family Chiropractic.

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