• Mehdi Azimi

How far would you go?

Updated: May 18, 2018

Have a close look at the picture below and at what stage do you see yourself?

There are 5 stages that you can choose when you start your chiropractic care. To climb up to the top, you have to go through different stages. If you choose to take only the pain relieve stage, most likely you will be in pain again soon after you stop chiropractic care. However, if you choose prevention and wellness stage, then you may never be in pain again. At this stage, it does not require frequent adjustment and your body will function optimally.

As you can see, in the pain relief phase/stage, your body fluctuates up and down (red line). This is because you only get adjusted when you are experiencing pain and symptoms. However, the green line that exponentially rise up, is where you reach to the optimum level where your body functions at its best. This is the result of continued chiropractic care.

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